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Element Recording Studios is run by Joel Nanos. Whether performing, recording/producing, doing live sound, or selling records and/or instruments and equipment at various music stores and venues throughout Kansas City, Joel has maintained music as his #1 passion. Joel has had formal training through “The Recording Connection” audio engineer program based in Hollywood, CA and through an apprenticeship with Lynn Allred at LA Audio. Joel is also a co- owner @ C&C Drum Company and Element serves as the recording and testing studio for all new C&C Drums designs & Sound Samples. Element is also home to outside engineers … including Lennon Bone, David Gaume, Adam Mcgill, & David Bennett.  Our doors are always open to additional Engineers/Producers and if your looking for a great space to record your clients next project we look forward to meeting with you. Element Recording currently offers recording, mixing, editing, & post production for $55/hour and free access to our vast array of additional equipment and instruments. We also offer Mastering services at a base price of $35/song. Be sure and check out our recording equipment page to see a detailed list of the studios extensive inventory. At Element Recording music comes first, and we know that every project is different, so please contact us about your specific needs and budget. We’d love to work with you and can generally arrange a pricing/payment structure that will work right for you.
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