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Instruments & Amplifications
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We have a wide variety of instrument and amplification options on hand to help create the best possible sound & performance for you’re recording project. If you don’t see what you’re looking for just let us know & we can probably get it for your session. Check out the entire list by clicking Instruments & Amplification below. Instruments: Kimball Studio Upright Piano Hammond T400 Organ w/Leslie & Percussion Unit Yamaha S90ES Synth/Keyboard Fender Rhodes Piano & Cabinet Roland Juno 6 Synth/Keyboard Alesis QS6.1 Synth/Keyboard Casio 210 Tonebank Synth/Keyboard Korg MS-20 synth & midi controller Kent Console Accordion/Keyboard Harmonium Mandolin, Violin, Cello, Dulcimer, Ukuleles Deering Banjo & Lap Steel Trumpet, Clarinet, Flute, Bag Pipes, Saxophone, Recorder, Harmonicas C&C custom drum kit (multiple kits – maple, mahogany, walnut, & more) DW drum kit (maple) Ludwig acrylic/lucite drum kit Multiple Snare drum options (maple, poplar, mahogany, walnut, brass, aluminum) Zildjian K Custom Dark, A Custom & vintage New Beat cymbals Istandbul, Bosphorus, Paste cymbals and more Tablas, Congas, Bongos, assorted percussion & shakers Guitar Pedals… lots & lots of Guitar Pedals Acoustic Guitars: Martin, Taylor, Guild, Alvarez, Durango, and more Electric Guitars: Fender, Guild, Epiphone, Reverend, Danelectro, Rickenbacker, Harmony and more Amplifiers: Vox – AC30 guitar amp (tube) Ampeg – Jet II guitar & instrument amp (tube) Budda – Superdrive 18 guitar amp (tube) Fender Tremolux guitar amp (tube) Fender Hotrod Orange Overdrive guitar amp head & 2×10 cabinet (tube) Peavy – Delta Blues guitar amp (tube) Peavy – Classic (solid state) Sound K101-R vintag guitar amp & 2×10 cabinet (tube) Sound Reverbasound K-505R vintage guitar amp (tube) Ampeg – V4BH bass head & 1×15 cabinet Ampeg – BR5 bass head & 2×12 4×10 cabinet Peavy – TNT 150 bass combo (late 80′s) Fender Bassman bass combo (vintage)