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The right microphone is truly the front line in realizing the right sound and character for each project. With names like Neumann, Royer, AEA, & Charter Oak we provide a wide variety of the most renown Condenser, Ribbon, & Dynamic microphones in the industry. Microphones: Neumann U87 Condenser Neumann KM184 matched pair Condenser (2) Royer 121 matched pair Ribbon (2) AEA R84 Large Ribbon Heil PR-40 Dynamic Heil PR-48 Dynamic Charter Oak Acoustic SA538 Tube Condenser Charter Oak Acoustic S600 matched pair Tube (2) Oktava MK012 matched pair Condenser (2) Audio Technica AE3000 Condenser Audio Technica AT2021 Condenser Audio Technica AT2020 Condenser Audio Technica ATM25 Dynamic (original) Audio Technica Pro25 Dynamic Audio Technica X9 Dynamic Audio Technica Proximity Dynamic Senheiser 421 Dynamic (3) Senheiser 441 Dynamic Senheiser E609 Dynamic Senheiser E835 Dynamic AKG c414 stereo pair Condenser (2) AKG D112 Dynamic (2) AKG D707 Dynamic (vintage) AKG D190M Dynamic (vintage) AKG D330BT Dynamic (vintage) EV RE-320 Dynamic EV PL37 Condenser Audix OM2 pair Dynamic (2) Audix D6 Dynamic Nady RSM-4 stereo pair Ribbon (2) Nady RSM-5 Ribbon M Audio Tube Condenser Shure SM81 Condenser (2) Shure SM7 Dynamic Shure B52 Dynamic Shure Green Bullet Dynamic Shure SM57 Dynamic (4) Shure SM58 Dynamic (4)