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Preamps & Outboard
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Utilizing the right pre-amps, comps, & outboard gear is a critical step in realizing the right color and professional sound for each project. We’ve acquired a stable of the most sought after pieces in the industry, so if you’ve got a favorite album, chances are one of these pieces were used to record it. Preamps and Outboard in Element Kansas City Recording Studio Universal Audio 6176 preamp/compressor Universal Audio 610 MKII T4 preamp/compressor Neve Portico 5015 preamp/compressor API 312 preamps (4) Focusrite/Neve ISA110/828 preamp (8) SPL Mix Dream 2384 summing amp/limiter Avalon 737sp preamp/compressor/EQ Avalon U5 DI/preamp Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X-S (2) Apogee Big Ben GA Project Pre-73 preamp Tube Tech LCA2B stereo bus compressor/limiter Aphex/B&B Audio CX-1 compressors (4) Great River/Harrison 32 EQ’s (2) Joemeek VC6Q EQ Focusrite Liquid Mix Deltalabs ADM1020 Effectron I dbx 286A preamp/comp dbx 160xt comp dbx 463X gate (2) Lexicon MX200 Reverb Master Room XL-305 Reverb SM Pro Audio TB-101 Art Pro Channel preamp/comp Art Pro VLA leveling amps (2) Art Digital MPA preamp Mark I Digital Impedence M Audio Profile 2626 Redco & ADC TT bantam patch bays