Studio A

Studio A is our primary liveroom, includes 2 isolation rooms, and offers the best in both Analog & Digital recording.

3 Avid 192 interfaces w/32 Channel Analog Input, 24 Channels Analog Output, Black Lion MKIIIXB Word Clock & Lucid Custom Mastering Converters

Pro Tools HD3, Avid Control 24, SPL Mix Dream 16 channel analog summing, Tascam 8 track 1/2” tape, Otari MX5050 mixing/mastering 1/4” tape, Redco patch bays & SPL monitoring.

Monitors: JBL LSR6328 & L100, Yamaha NS10, Auratone Cubes, B&W 601, NHT, Software: Pro Tools, Logic, Reason, Ableton, Garage Band, Melodyne, Plug-ins: So extensive you’ll have to ask…


Condensor/Tube Mics

Neumann U87

Neumann KM184 (2)

Roswell Delphos (2)

Roswell Colares

AKG C414 (2)

AKG 900E (2)


Charter Oak SA538

Oktava MK012 (2)

Shure SM81 (2)

Audio Technica AE3000

Audio Technica Pro 70

and more…

Dynamic Mics

Shure SM57 (6), Beta 57 (2), SM58 (4)

Shure Unidyne 545SD (8)

Shure 540S, 579SB (2)

Shure SM7A, SM7B (2)

Shure B52, Green Bullet

AKG D12, D14, D112

AKG D1200E (2), D310S, D707C

Beyerdynamic M88, M201

Sennheiser 420 (2), 441, e835, e604 (2)

EV RE20, RE320, 655A, 676, RE16 (2)

Audio Technica ATM25 (2)

Ampex H1390 (2)

Placid Audio Copperphone

and more…

Ribbon Mics

Royer 121 (2)


Stager SR1A (2)

Stager SR2N (4)

Stager SR3

Electro Harmonics EHR1

Nady (6)


Coil Audio CA286 Tube Preamp (6)

Coil Audio CA70 Tube Preamp (6)

Custom API/Heider 312 Preamp (8)

Focusrite ISA 110 Preamp (8)

Ampex EF86 Tube Preamp (4)

Ampex EF86 Tube Mixer

Avalon U5 DI

Sansamp PSA-1

UREI 1178 FET Stereo Compressor

Spectrasonic 610 Compressor

Aphex Dominator/Limiter

Empirical Labs Distressor (2)

SSL G Series Stereo Compressor

Manley VariMu (T-bar mod) Stereo Compressor

Lucid Custom Mastering Converters

Otari, Tascam, Akai Tape Machines

Neumann STB W495 Mastering EQ

Benson Studio Tall Bird Reverb

Master Room Spring Reverb

Tapco 4400 Spring Reverb

Lexicon Digital Reverb

IRP Analog Delay (2)

Effectron ii Delay

SPL Mix Dream Summing Amp



Fender Rhodes Suitcase

Fender Contempo Organ

Wurlitzer 200A

Hammond M103 Organ/Leslie

Honer International Organ

Italian Farfisa

Studio Console Piano

Korg Micro-synth

Kent Accordion Console

Vintage Pump Organ


Akai Axiom Pro 49 Midi Controller

Yamaha Synth PSS470


C&C Drum Kits (6)


Standard Drum Kit (maple/gum)

Ludwig Drum Kit (maple/poplar)

Snare Drums (15+)

Vintage Simmons Electronic Kit

Arturia Drumbrute Analog Synth

Cymbals (Zildjian/Instanbull/Paste)



Tambos/Shakers/Wood Blocks


Percussion/Sound FX

and more…


Fender P bass, & Jazz bass,

Hofner Violin Bass

Gretsch Baritone

Guild DeArmond

Epiphone Dot, & SG

Rickenbacker 620

Reverend Jetstream, & Double Agent

Danelectro 59, Burns Strat

Gibson, Silvertone, RK, & Alvarez Acoustic

Harmondy Classical Acoustic

Vintage 12 string Acoustic/Electric

Dearing Banjo, Antares Mandolin

Lapsteel, Uklele(s), Cello, Violin


Fender Champ

Fender Bassman 10

Gibson Falcon

Vox AC30

Ampeg G12

Ampeg Jet II

Ampeg V4BH

Sound K101R

Sound K505R

Sound X505R

Budha Super 18


Magnatone Varsity



Cabs (10,12,15)

Pedals (lots of them)

and more…

2017 | Element Recording Studios